• Wee-Wee Rake, Spade & Pan

    • This poo-inspired purchase includes interchangeable rake and spade attachments so you can clean up a variety of surfaces.
    • Made from non-stick metal that won’t give you any trouble when you need to clean it.
    • This outdoor-friendly set is weatherproof and resistant to rusting.
    • Offers a comfortable user experience with the conveniently sized length and coated easy-grip handles.
    • Each handle comes with a hook so you can easily hang them as well as push-pins for a quick disassembly when storing them.
  • Wee-Wee Super Absorbent Disposable Diaper Liners

    • Uncontrollable urination
    • Dogs in heat
    • Secure fit Adhesive
    • Super Absorbent
    • 10 Counts.
  • Wee-Wee Super Absorbent Pads

    • 24-Hour Protection Guaranteed 
    • Dog absorbent pads feature a 5-ply Floor Armor leak-proof system for maximum protection
    • Training pads for dogs are backed by a 100% leak-proof guarantee
    • Target Attractant 
    • Intended for dogs of all sizes – 24″ x 24″ 

    Wee-Wee Super Absorbent Pads


    Let your dog mark its territory without making a mess

    Built-in dog attractant that’s ideal for training puppies.

    When you are home or away, and your dog needs to go go go, this pad will let it know just where to mark it’s spot, without leaving a mess. The pad is designed to absorb 4 Cups so even a larger dog can take a leak without creating a running creak.

    These Super absorbent Training & Potty Pads absorb the mess and ensure your floors and the surrounding areas stay dry. The adhesive strips even make sure they stay in place.