Burgess Kitten Food Complete with British Chicken


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Burgess Kitten with Chicken is a complete food suitable for kittens up to one year of age and pregnant or nursing mothers.

Check MarkFortified with calcium
Check MarkContains natural antioxidants
Check MarkHighly digestible proteins for growing muscles
Available in 1.5kg

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Burgess Kitten Food Complete with British Chicken

Our Burgess Kitten food is made using premium ingredients to ensure excellent quality and superior taste. We use British protein sources combined with healthy cereals, natural antioxidants and essential nutrients to help keep your kitten happy and healthy.

 Smaller kibble specially designed for your kitten’s small mouth

 Suitable for pregnant and nursing mothers to support growth and development throughout pregnancy

 *Highly digestible proteins and essential amino acids to build growing muscles

 *Fortified with calcium to support developing bones and teeth

 *Natural antioxidants to support your kitten’s immune system

 Contains prebiotics and nucleotides to support developing guts

 With omega fatty acids to support healthy skin and a glossy coat

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Weight 1.5 kg
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