K9 Power Super Fuel

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Promote healthy, lean muscle mass, and increase your dog’s energy levels. Our advanced performance supplement is designed to help maximize muscle efficiency and endurance while promoting a speedy recovery time. This blend helps generate muscle power and reduces fatigue for those high-intensity moments.


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K9 Power Super Fuel

More activity requires more fuel. Whether you have an active service dog or a pup who climbs mountains, K9 Power Super Fuel ™ is designed to meet her higher nutritional needs. Our performance blend supports skeletal stability and lean muscle formation to increase stamina and endurance while also aiding her recovery.


With Meals: Feed recommended dosage at meal time(s). Goes great when mixed with water.  Begin with ½ recommended amount. Build up to full amount over 7 days.

After Workouts: For optimal results feed within 45 minutes after exercise to support recovery, Mix 1-2 scoops with 1 cup of water and make a great protein shake!

Exercise Level Daily Serving Size
per 25 lbs. of body weight
Low (Walks) 1/2 scoop
Moderate (Runs) 1 scoop
High (Agility, Hunting, Sprinting) 1 1/2 scoops

4 lb. container = 48 servings
8 lb. container = 98 servings (Save 16% Per Serving)

* 1 scoop = 4 1/2 tbsp. = 70 cc


Store shelf-stable supplement products in a cool, clean, and dry place. Never put them above the stove, under the sink, in a damp garage or basement, or any place exposed to high or low-temperature extremes.

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