Mask Crazy (El Loco)


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  • Non-toxic natural rubber
  • No plastic additives
  • Helps maintain oral hygiene
  • Encourages outdoor and indoor play

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Mask Crazy (El Loco)

Mask Crazy (El Loco) XL: Rubber toys used to be commonplace in many homes. They were soft and flexible; and also, they would not hurt anyone, no matter how hard they were thrown. Hence, children could twist them, pull them, distort them – but the toys would always spring back to their original shapes. Therefore, such are the elastic properties of this wonderful, natural material. Furthermore, many toy manufacturers (for people and pets) turned toward the use of plastics and other non-natural products. The results were sometimes unpleasant, and always not natural, unlike with this toy.

Key Benefits
  • Random Bounce for Enhanced Play
  • Fillable – With or Without Treats
  • Nontoxic, Plant-derived Natural Rubber
  • No Plastic Additives – Completely Safe
  • Natural Cotton or Nontoxic Nylon Rope
  • Custom Program Available
  • Charitable Give-Back Program
  • Helps Maintain Oral Hygiene
  • Encourages Outdoor & Indoor Play
  • Specially Formulated for Maximum Pet Play

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