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Multi-animal milk replacer base and nutritional supplement. Multi-Milk is a high fat milk protein powder fortified with essential vitamins and minerals needed for proper development and growth.

  • Provides highly digestible sources of protein, fat, vitamins and minerals for added nutrition.
  • May be used as a low lactose milk replacer, a milk replacer base or high energy supplement.
  • Excellent for use with wild and exotic non-domestic animals such as Bears, Seals, Dolphins and Whales.
  • May be used as a base to blend with Esbilac, KMR or Foal-Lac milk replacers.

Available in the following sizes:

28 oz. – Multi-Milk®
4 lb. – Multi-Milk®
15 lb. – Multi-Milk®

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Directions for Mixing Multi-Milk®: The most accurate measurements are made by actually weighing the powder and water. For example, 25 grams of Multi-Milk® plus 75 grams of water will yield 100 grams by weight of reconstituted milk replacers containing 25% solids.

Multiple Uses: Developed as a milk replacer for animals with lactose intolerance, and also as a base to blend with Esbilac®, KMR® or Foal-Lac® milk replacers to supply the needs of numerous species.

Also useful as a supplement to provide highly digestible sources of protein, fat, vitamins and minerals for added nutrition. Mix Multi-Milk into food as a powder or mix with water for tube feeding.

Storage: Store unopened powder in a cool dry place. Refrigerate reconstituted powder for up to 24 hours. Refrigerate blended or unblended opened powder for up to 3 months, or freeze for up to 6 months. Freeze unopened powder to extend shelf life for 6 months beyond Best By date.

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