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  • Cats will engage in frisky and healthy activity playing with the dangling toys, scratching the posts or climbing in, out, over and around the Tower
  • Four hideaways on three levels – a penthouse nook and three dens, all with super-soft plush mats plus a plush hammock for lounging
  • A full range of amenities to satisfy behavioral instincts while discouraging destructive behavior and alleviating boredom in cats of all ages
  • Structure is sturdy, yet lightweight, with easy to follow step-by-step assembly instructions included
  • 64″ Long, 46″ Wide, 56″ High
  • Comes in an attractive, retail-ready box
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Catville Tower 

Prevue Pet Products Catville Tower encourages your cat to be healthy, happy and active!

Watch as kitty engages in energetic activity such as:

  • playing with the dangling toy,
  • scratching the sisal covered posts or
  • climbing in, out, over and around the Catville Tower.

Cats will happily curl up in any one of the four hideaways –

  • an elevated penthouse nook,
  • one mid-level plus
  • two lower-level secluded view dens, each with super-soft plush bedding to satisfy all of your cat’s sleeping needs.

An additional plush hammock provides the ultimate in lounging pleasure. Integrated short climbing ramp leads to a plush-mat activity area with playfully hanging puff-ball toy and escape floor. Three isolated scratching posts encourage exercise as your cat scratches and stretches along the jute covered posts toning muscles while grooming nails and strengthening paws.

Durable, extra long, cloth rampway designed for active jumping, pouncing, climbing and running. Thus, providing ample opportunity for play.

Furthermore, all dens feature a doorway on each side, making them perfect for games of hide & seek. With areas for playing, napping, lounging, scratching, perching and hiding felines love the full range of amenities created. This helps satisfy behavioral instincts while discouraging destructive behavior and alleviating boredom.

It is a multi-level, multi-purpose, attractive home where multiple cats of any age and activity level will thrive on endless options for sleep or play. Sturdy, yet lightweight, our tower comes with easy to follow, step-by-step, assembly instructions. It measures 64″ Long, 46″ Wide, 56″ High. Fabric components may be hand washed and air dried as needed.

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