• Prevue Bullet Feeder & Waterer

    • Holds 2 oz.
    • 5″ H plastic bullet feeder per carded display
    • Universal fit for all small/ medium cage models
    • Assorted colors
  • Prevue Empress Bird Cage

    • All stainless steel construction
    • Embossed decorative design around the base & roof cap
    • Grille is removable but may remain in place while base is snapped off for easy cleaning
    • Decorative finial for hanging
    • Unique foot-friendly carved perch
    • Decorative porcelain food/water cups
  • Prevue Mimic Me

    • High-quality sound
    • Two playback modes:
    • Message repeats 12 times every 15 minutes until the unit is shut off
    • Message repeats 12 times every 10 minutes for two hours
    • Message can be recorded in either mode, and each new recording erases the last
    • Unlimited ability to record new messages
    • Unit must be turned off manually to conserve batteries
    • Clamshell display packaging
    • Please Note: Mimic Me is not a toy and is not to be placed inside of cage

    Prevue Mimic Me

  • TRIMMEX 30g

    Trimmex is specially formulated to quickly stop bleeding that can occur during nail and claw clipping. Also great for minor cuts and scratches, and, is suitable for all animals.


    TRIMMEX 30g