High potency vitamin B complex injection with liver extract and  lipotropic agent (choline) for use as supportive therapy in the  treatment of debilitation, and suspected B vitamin deficiencies in all  animals.

  • Pet Pectillin® Diarrhea Medication

    Aids in the recovery from dehydration caused by diarrhea by replenishing electrolytes. Provides a protective coating to calm the digestive tract and absorb toxins. Helps alleviate irritation, discomfort and cramping associated with diarrhea. Increases the bulk and slows down the passage of feces.

  • Spektrum Dog Deworming Tablet

    SPEKTRUM®️ Dog Deworming Tablet

    SPEKTRUM®️ is a high-quality chewable Broad Spectrum Dewormer for the treatment and control of the following in Dogs:

    Tapeworms (Cestodes), Roundworms (Ascarids), Hookworms, Whipworms

    SPEKTRUM®️ 2 (Small Dogs & Puppies 1kg – 11.5kg): Praziquantel 25mg + Pyrantel Pamoate 72mg + Febantel 75mg

    SPEKTRUM®️ 10 (Medium Dogs & Puppies 11kg – 27kg): Praziquantel 50mg + Pyrantel Pamoate 144mg + Febantel 150mg

    SPEKTRUM®️ 25 (Large Dogs 21kg – 54kg): Praziquantel 175mg + Pyrantel Pamoate 504mg + Febantel 525mg

    • Species: Both Dogs and puppies
    • Presentation: 20 tablets/pack
    Spektrum Dog Deworming Tablet Spektrum Dog Deworming Tablet Spektrum Dog Deworming Tablet

    Spektrum Dog Deworming Tablet