Boréal Proper Dog – Chicken


  • For all breeds and life stages.
  • A single source of meat protein is used for good digestion.
  • Foods are naturally preserved.
  • Food is Potato, Wheat and corn free.
  • Contains essential Fatty Acids for healthy skin and glossy coat.
  • Contains Glucosamine for healthy bone and joint support
  • Excellent choice for dogs with protein allergy
  • An excellent alternative to a grain free diet.
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Boréal Proper Dog – Chicken 

Proper Chicken Meal is an all-breed diet based on chicken meal with a low glycemic base of pea and beans. We believe that pet foods should avoid starchy ingredients that might lead to weight gain and obesity. An alternative is a ‘good’ grain free diet that avoids the high sugar grains such as corn or wheat. There are particular grains such as steel cut oats that are very good for your dog and have many beneficial properties. That’s why we at Boréal have developed a line called Boréal Proper Dog Food.


Low glycemic index steel cut oats & barley from Ontario’s Central Mennonite farming region are fantastic ingredients, along with low glycemic peas and white beans. Proper grains are low carb grains plus steel cut oats and barley are a great value and are grown locally. Ontario oats and barley provide a rich source of vitamins, minerals, low glycemic carbohydrates, essential oils, fiber and proteins.

We use a single source of meat protein in our Proper Dog Foods to assist in digestibility and allergy issues. These foods are potato, wheat and corn free. Preservation is natural.

Our Boreal Proper Dog Foods also contains Availa®Zn organic zinc. The body easily absorbs Availa®Zn. It is 200 x more available to a dog than other zinc sources.

Furthermore, Up to 66% of dog breeds, including most northern breeds like Huskies, benefit from feeding zinc. Zinc is essential for healthy skin & coat

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