Boréal Proper Dog – Chicken

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  • For all breeds and life stages.
  • A single source of meat protein is used for good digestion.
  • Foods are naturally preserved.
  • Food is Potato, Wheat and corn free.
  • Contains essential Fatty Acids for healthy skin and glossy coat.
  • Contains Glucosamine for healthy bone and joint support
  • Excellent choice for dogs with protein allergy
  • An excellent alternative to a grain free diet.

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Boréal Proper Dog – Chicken 

Proper Chicken Meal is an all-breed diet based on chicken meal with a low glycemic base of pea and beans. We believe that pet foods should avoid starchy ingredients that might lead to weight gain and obesity. An alternative is a ‘good’ grain free diet that avoids the high sugar grains such as corn or wheat. There are particular grains such as steel cut oats that are very good for your dog and have many beneficial properties. That’s why we at Boréal have developed a line called Boréal Proper Dog Food.


Low glycemic index steel cut oats & barley from Ontario’s Central Mennonite farming region are fantastic ingredients, along with low glycemic peas and white beans. Proper grains are low carb grains plus steel cut oats and barley are a great value and are grown locally. Ontario oats and barley provide a rich source of vitamins, minerals, low glycemic carbohydrates, essential oils, fiber and proteins.

We use a single source of meat protein in our Proper Dog Foods to assist in digestibility and allergy issues. These foods are potato, wheat and corn free. Preservation is natural.

Our Boreal Proper Dog Foods also contains Availa®Zn organic zinc. The body easily absorbs Availa®Zn. It is 200 x more available to a dog than other zinc sources.

Furthermore, Up to 66% of dog breeds, including most northern breeds like Huskies, benefit from feeding zinc. Zinc is essential for healthy skin & coat

Additional information


2.26kg, 11.33kg


Chicken meal , dehulled barley, green whole peas, poultry fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols), steel cut oats, northern white pea bean, whole flaxseed, alfalfa meal, yeast extract, natural chicken flavour, sodium selenite, potassium chloride, choline chloride, DL-methionine, taurine, dried apple, dried carrot, ferrous sulphate, zinc oxide, vitamin E supplement, copper sulphate, folic acid supplement, vitamin B12 supplement, vitamin A supplement, zinc amino acid complex, niacin supplement, selenium yeast, manganese oxide, manganese amino acid complex, iron amino acid complex, calcium pantothenate supplement, riboflavin, biotin supplement, vitamin D supplement, calcium iodate.

Guaranteed and Typical Analysis

Protein (Minimum) 27.00%
Fat (Minimum) 15.00%
Fibre (Maximum) 5.75%
Ash (maximum) 7.50%
Calcium (Minimum) 1.58%
Phosporous (Minimum) 1.20%
Linolec Acid (Omega-6 EFA)* 2.269%
Linolenic Acid (Omega-3 EFA)* 0.47%
Energy 3,590 KCAL/KG 442 KCAL/cup

*Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles

Typical Analysis

To create our typical analysis information we use ingredient data from recent lab analyses along with expected vales from the ingredients database.  This chart will give more information than you would see in our guaranteed analysis, but is not intended to represent absolute values.

                As-Is Basis (%) Dry Matter Basis (%)
Moisture 5.94
Protein 27.43 29.16
Fat 16.16 17.18
Fiber 5.12 5.44
Ash 7.16 7.61
Phosphorous 1.22 1.29
Potassium 0.71 0.75
Magnesium .14 .15
Calcium 1.64 1.74
Sodium .29 .31
Carbohydrate  43.31  46.05
                As-Is Basis (mg/kg) Dry Matter Basis (mg/kg)
Iron 309 329
Manganese 38.81 41.26
Zinc 270 287

Feeding Instructions

Dog Weight
Daily Feedings
Lbs Kg Cups Grams
4-11 lbs 2-5 kg 1/2 60
11-22 lbs 5-10 kg 1 120
22-33 lbs 10-15 kg 1 1/2 180
33-44 lbs 15-20 kg 2 240
44-55 lbs 20-25 kg 2 1/3 280
55-66 lbs 25-30 kg 2 3/4 320
66-88 lbs 30-40 kg 3 360
88-110 lbs 40-50 kg 3 3/4 450
110-132 lbs 50-60 kg 4 1/3 520
132-154 lbs 60-70 kg 5 600


Puppy Weight
Daily Feedings
Lbs Kg Cups Grams
4-11 lbs 2-5 kg 1 120
11-22 lbs 5-10 kg 1 1/3 160
22-33 lbs 10-15 kg 2 1/4 270
33-44 lbs 15-20 kg 2 3/4 320
44-55 lbs 20-25 kg 3 1/3 400
55-66 lbs 25-30 kg 4 480
66-88 lbs 30-40 kg 4 1/4 510
88-110 lbs 40-50 kg
110-132 lbs 50-60 kg
132-154 lbs 60-70 kg


Less Active Adult Weight
Daily Feedings
Lbs Kg Cups Grams
4-11 lbs 2-5 kg 1/3 40
11-22 lbs 5-10 kg 2/3 80
22-33 lbs 10-15 kg 1 1/4 150
33-44 lbs 15-20 kg 1 1/2 180
44-55 lbs 20-25 kg 1 3/4 210
55-66 lbs 25-30 kg 2 240
66-88 lbs 30-40 kg 2 1/3 280
88-110 lbs 40-50 kg 2 3/4 330
110-132 lbs 50-60 kg 3 1/4 390
132-154 lbs 60-70 kg 3 2/3 440

 1 cup = 8oz = 120g

This food is designed to be supplied to dogs during all stages of their life.   Feed your dog according to the daily feeding guidelines. The food requirements are averages and may vary according to age, activity level and environment. Amount of food should be adjusted accordingly. Fresh water should always be available. After opening please store in a cool dry place.  See best before date and batch numbers on the back of the bag.

NOTE: Pregnant dogs may require 2-3 times more than the adult amount. Nursing dogs may require 2-4 times the adult amount. Feed as much food as required to maintain the pregnant, nursing dog’s ideal body condition.

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