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FORTAN Cafortan a food supplement is made in Germany, supplements in tablet form can overcome vitamin deficiency condition in dog. Cafortan contains unique additives that can help keep the immune system, improve diet, performance, and also ensuring healthy growth for dogs of all ages and their descendants. Cafortan an additional supplement, and also ideal for all types of dogs in order to ensure an active life.

Increase Endurance 
FORTAN Cafortan is a biological concentrate that has a special formula and ideal to meet the nutritional dog that can increase endurance dogs when ill, stimulating the growth of strong bones and also teeth. It makes healthy and beautiful fur, improve the performance of the natural metabolism, and and also increase fertility.

Overcoming Stress
Cafortan is indispensable for training and also other stressful situations such as exhibitions, hunting, and also racing, etc. It also meet the needs of dogs that require optimal care. Cafortan also needed by dogs that are old, because older dogs require a high bioactive substances. This is why cafortan recommended as an addition to the essential nutrients that are needed to maintain a balance in dogs of all ages. Store in a cool, and also dry place.

Recommended Daily Serving
Weight ~ 5kg ………… 3 tablets
5 ~ 10 kg weight ……. 6 tablets
Weight 10 ~ 20 kg ….. 20 tablets
Weight 20 ~ 30 kg ….. 18 tablets
OR 3 tablets per 5kg weight.
1 tablet = 500 mg

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