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Palatable tonic containing liver, iron and B Complex vitamins as an aid to recovery from debilitating diseases or surgery.

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Heptonic is a highly palatable liquid nutritional supplement. It is intended for use in dogs and cats as an aid to recovery from biliary, surgery and other debilitating diseases.

It is also a good general tonic of value where dogs and cats are listless and have little or no appetite. Its high liver extract content makes this product palatable and readily accepted. It is also an excellent source of energy.


Each 5ml of contains: liver extract 1ml, iron (from ferric ammonium citrate) 250mg, sodium glycerophosphate 50mg, thiamine HCl 5mg, riboflavin 0,5mg, pyridoxine HCl 1mg, cyanocobalamin 20mcg, folic acid 150mcg, choline bitartrate 100mg, glucose 2,25g

Dogs: give 5-15ml daily, depending on size of dog.
Cats: give 5ml daily.

For dogs: give 5-15ml daily, depending on size of dog.
For cats: give 5ml daily.

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