FM Brown’s Natural Parrot/Macaw Food (Tropical Carnival Gourmet)


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  • Contains vitamins and nutrients required for the overall well-being of your bird and beneficial bacteria is added to support good digestion
  • A festive blend of natural fruits nuts and Veggies
  • Natural parrot and macaw food
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Natural Parrot/Macaw Food 

Tropical Carnival Foods are a robust blend of ingredients to provide your feathered friend with balanced nutrition! The fortified Natural Parrot and Macaw diet combines your bird’s favorite fruits, nuts and seeds with twice baked ZOO-Vital Biscotti Biscuits for a tasty mix of food. This will thus, have your bird begging! Also includes beneficial bacteria to support healthy digestion! Perfect for Parrots, Macaws and all Large Hookbills.

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