aGLOW Heavy Stainless Steel Pet Dishes with Anti Skid Ring


Feed your pet with this quality shallow based bowl designed to make your pet comfortable while eating.

– Anti skid Bonded rubber base which helps to keep messes to a minimum

– Solid premium stainless steel dog bowl

– Rust and odor free

– Crafted from high quality stainless steel

– Designed for hygienic everyday use and Fully Dishwasher safe

– Highly Durable and dishwasher safe


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aGLOW Heavy Stainless Steel Pet Dishes with Anti Skid Ring 

“If you have quality in mind, then you are at the right place”

Our aGLOW range of products are top quality Stainless Steel feeders & drinkers that are exceptionally crafted to last for a very long time. Quality is a tradition for us. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. These include Regular Non-Skid Bowls, Belly Non-Skid Bowls with and without colours, inclined Non-Skid Bowls. Others include embossed bowls, anti-skid color ribbed bowls, heavyweight bowls, shallow puppy saucers. Others are adjustable double diners and fixed double dinners, slow feeder bowls, Anti Skid Twin Oval Dishes. We also have Coop Cups with Wire Hangers, Coop Cups with Nut Clamp, and also Round Bucket Pail. Some of our aGLOW stainless steel products have colours for those customers who would like their pet items more in-keeping with the lifestyle colours in their homes. All aGLOW products are barcoded, durable, easy to clean and fully dishwater safe.

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